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The U.S. Meeting of Catholic Bishops drafted a milestone record because of the emergency of sexual manhandle of kids in the Church. This record, putting forward their settled upon obligations in fighting the issue, was entitled the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

The sanction particularly made the Secretariat of Child and Youth Protection and appointed to it three focal errands:

To help every see and eparchy (eastern Rite Churches) in executing “Safe Environment” programs intended to guarantee essential wellbeing and security for all youngsters as they take part in chapel and religious exercises

To build up a proper consistence review component to help the Bishops and Eparchs in holding fast to the obligations put forward in the Charter

To set up an open, yearly report portraying the consistence of every ward and eparchy to the Charter’s arrangements

The Secretariat for Child and Youth Protection is an asset for wards/eparchies for actualizing safe environment programs and for proposing preparing and advancement of diocesan work force in charge of kid and youth assurance programs; considering the monetary and different assets, and the populace, and demographics of the see/eparchy. The Secretariat delivers a yearly open provide details regarding the advance made in actualizing and keeping up the gauges in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People taking after a yearly review handle. The report is open and incorporates the names of bishoprics/eparchies that the review shows are not in consistence with the arrangements and desires of the Charter.